Don Conreaux  Renowned Gongmaster recognized as a pioneer in the field of holistic sound healing with the gong.  Don has dedicated his life to teaching ‘The Way of the Gong’ to students in many countries around the world.

Jonathan Goldman  International authority on sound healing

Sheila Whittaker  Sound healer, musician, teacher, author

Mitch Gaynor  New York oncologist using sound healing practices

Alfred Tomatis  French physician and authority on the function of the ear and the therapeutic effect of sound

Cymatics  The science of sound and vibration made visible

Remo Health Rhythms  Pioneered “health rhythms” – group drumming for greater health

Health Action Network  A natural health resource

WaterMatters  Innovative products for water treatment and wellness

Honey Candles  100% pure beeswax candles handmade in B.C.

Blue Chair Diary Illustrations  Original, whimsical artwork

Under the Piano  A remarkable musical experience with Craig Addy

Marilyn McNeill  Amazing Holistic Nutritionist and reiki practitioner

Nia with Lulu  Joy-filled Nia dance and fitness instructor

Halfmoon Yoga Products

Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats

Forever Fit Personal Training

Springbrook Retreat Centre

Yoga on 7th

Open Door Yoga

Karma Teachers

Madrona Yoga

Full Circle Studio

Bridge and Enrich

Kirtan Vancouver

Drum Mama Studios