our instruments

36″ Meinl Wu Xing Gong

A deep, full and majestic sounding gong with beautiful radial scrapings. Handcrafted in Germany by Meinl Sonic Energy, the name Wu Xing comes from an old Chinese phrase that is translated as the five elements of life.

32″, 28″, 20″ Paiste Symphonic Gongs

Paiste symphonic gongs have a slightly raised surface with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument’s complex overtones. The world’s largest gong is an extraordinary 84″ symphonic.

24″ Paiste New Moon Gong (synodic)

A wonderful gong for movement and opening. It rules Cancer and is tuned to the musical note of G#. The new moon gong promotes emotional balance and enhances receptivity, nurturing and intuition.

Moyo Drum

A steel tongue drum with pentatonic tuning that is easy to play by hand or with softly padded mallets. The hauntingly beautiful sounds invoke peace and relaxation, making the moyo an ideal addition for celebrations, hospice and sound healing work.


A delightful instrument, the sansula belongs to the kalimba family. It’s mounted on a small oval frame drum which acts as a resonant cavity. The amazing wah-wah effect is created by raising and lowering the instrument on a flat surface. Mystical.

Himalayan Singing Bowls

The powerful rhythmic vibrations from the bowls resonate throughout the body, helping to induce a deep sense of calm, inner peace and relaxation.

Koshi Chimes

Handcrafted in France, these enchanting chimes come in four beautiful melodies that are rich in overtones. The sounds are truly captivating and deeply touch the soul. Read more about Koshi Chimes


This handheld chime contains 8 hollow tubes in a pentatonic tuning. The gorgeous resonating quality is accented when waved back and forth.


A small wooden drone instrument that works on a system of adjustable bellows. Used to accompany chanting and overtone singing and in concert with other instruments.

Wah Wah Tube

An intriguing wah-wah effect is created by first striking the tube with the rubber mallet and then sliding your finger on and off the small opening. These aluminum tubes are handmade in Germany.

Remo Buffalo Drum

The frame drum is widely recognized as a wellness tool and the therapeutic effects of drumming are many – it promotes relaxation, reduces tension and stress and boosts the immune system.

Sen Plates Six-Flat

Striking the six aluminum plates softly creates a lovely timbre. A pentatonic tuning allows for improvisation and free play.


Slowly tipping the rainstick from one end to the other while rotating it produces a gentle, soothing sound like sweet raindrops; wonderful for relaxation.