“Gratitude is the memory of the heart” ~ Jean Baptiste Massieu

There is so much love and peace while Kathy plays the gongs, she has great balance of good intention and technical skills which results in deep healing without having the interruption or analysis of the chatter box. Amazing experience during the gong session and wonderful results after the session on physical and emotional levels. ~ Kisma

Kathy is a gift, an elixir for your soul, as she artfully creates primordial sounds. Your heart cannot resist opening. ‘What was said to the rose to open, was said to me’ .. Rumi quote — through Kathy’s sound of her gong. ~ Kathleen

I love it!!! I brought 2 friends who are still talking about how much they enjoyed the experience – relaxing, great sleep, calmness, amazing images throughout the gong session. ~ Jennie

Loved it … it was literally out of this world! ~ Shadi

The gong bath and house blessing was deep and rich and full. I felt privileged to be a part of it. It was profound to watch and feel the way the sound moved through me. Thank you – you have such a gift with the gongs. ~ Pippa

We both had an amazing time. We slept very well and have also felt more peaceful and balanced since Sunday. You will definitely see us again soon. Thank you. ~ Mary

The singing bowls reverberated right through me, sending me into a deep relaxed state – a blessing in the life of a busy mom. I felt rejuvenated and at peace after the session. Kathy’s caring touch obviously comes from a place of truly loving the work that she does. Thank you! ~ Sarah

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful sound-healing extravaganza today. Stefan and I really enjoyed it and found it to be a very relaxing, cleansing and powerful experience. ~ Miryam

Amazing, so energizing and at the same time so deeply restful. It feels so timeless, quite transporting. Both times I have attended it has been very moving and much enjoyed. ~ Donna

Thank you very much for an amazing experience today! ~ Michelle

Thank you for an uplifting, engaging and truly transformational experience. ~ B

Your Joyful Soul Retreat was more than joyful and soulful – it was for me an awakening … exactly the life-shifting experience I was looking for. Thanks so much Kathy, Lulu and Marilyn. ~ Fred

The gong bath vibrated through my whole body and totally relaxed me. ~ Lowell

Your gong bath was amazing — gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us! ~ Peter

I enjoyed every segment of the chakra journey retreat and left feeling rejuvenated spiritually and physically; it was far beyond my expectation of the day and I would do it again in a heartbeat. ~ Cindy

Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat day, it was truly empowering, uplifting, enlightening, moving, and a lot of fun. ~ Lisa

Excellent nourishment for body and soul, thank you so much! ~ Monica

The Joyful Soul Retreat was definitely a soul nourishing day. It was very grounding and relaxing and I felt very nurtured and cared for. For the first time in many years I am able to breathe properly – the transformative gong meditation seemed to unblock one of my chakras and now I can breathe deeply again! Thank you! ~ Violette

The gong puja was a revitalizing experience that was powerful and gentle at the same time. I felt awakened after the gentle Nia movement and then nourished by the sound of the gongs all night long. It was a nice touch to wake up in the morning with the aroma of coffee and nutritional breakfast items prepared with care. ~ Reamick

Thank you for bringing such an inspiring healing experience through the sound meditation at Steve Nash Fitness World. I felt so peaceful and felt a beautiful energy from your meditation. ~ Susan

I loved the gong session. It was a feast for my ears. The sounds took me on a peaceful journey to a place I’d never been before. It was safe and yet exciting. It was a break, for my mind, from my daily cluttered thinking. ~ Jill

The Joyful Soul Retreat was an amazing day of joyful activities, people, food. I loved every minute of it. ~ Maran

A fascinating experience. Watching them play each time I peeked was mesmerizing and seeing the love they share for what they do, simply took my breath away. ~ M

The first time I heard the sound of the gongs I felt I was hearing the heartbeat of the universe. I catch glimpses of colors and feelings behind my closed eyes that seem familiar and joyful just passing softly by without lingering. It’s such an incredibly pleasant experience that I find myself smiling throughout the entire bath! And eagerly anticipating the next time! I have an incredible feeling of peace and relaxation afterwards and nothing really matters. And I feel connected, to everything, on a very deep level. ~ Lori

I attended my very 1st gong bath at Yoga on 7th and must say ‘I felt totally swept away.’ I want to thank you Kathy for an amazing experience; I didn’t want it to end. ~ Gwen

I recently had the pleasure of a bowl session with Kathy. My session was wonderful – the bowls are a feast for the senses. I’ve never felt such complete relaxation, at peace with myself and with my mind only conscious of the sound of the bowls that resonated through my core. It was a magical experience, one that I can’t wait to repeat. ~ YW

I really enjoyed that gong bath. Your gonging takes me to a new place … looking forward to more sessions. ~ Teresa

At the end of a work day, feeling tired and stressed, I would lie on a massage table to receive a session with singing bowls and rise at the end feeling as though I’d been transported to a magical land of peace, tranquility and harmony. Any sense of stress, anger and body discomfort were gone and I was left feeling a sense of calm and relaxation. I recommend this experience to all. I have found the treatment good for de-stressing and for minimizing body aches and pain. Kathy is a good listener and has the ability to capture your intention and provide a sound healing in a caring and sensitive manner. ~ Mary

When I started my relationship with the gongs, I found myself reacting to them. And such was my way of being in the world. Over time, I have come to trust the gongs deeply. To know they have so much to give, if I am simply able to receive. To surrender to their unique gift. In this world, my eyes inform my logical mind. The gongs opened up a path to my heart – first through the ears, and then my entire body. What a blessing it is to keep company with the language of the heart. An immense and vast teacher. ~ Tascha

The gong bath was fantastic – I greatly enjoyed it. ~ Donna